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Lori Peterson (or Joe) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)

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Everything is catching on, everything is catching on fire, catching on fire, catching on fire [Aug. 29th, 2003|07:01 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |thirstythirsty]
[music |Not Bruce Springsteen. Not Bruce.]

Bruno had pooed in his water over the past couple of days and it was tinted blue-green and was very smelly. Dear Bruno the iguana. He needs a "Fo' Shizzle" air freshener in his cage, 'cause he's all about tha stank.

Well Bumbershit is underway, and no word from Charlio.

I'm getting really strong from that factory work. And my legs are getting really shapely.

I really want to drink tonight (just like Olivia!). I'm leaning toward wine...perhaps Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. I could work on magnetic poetry. I too did not make any plans, just in case a certain someone was gonna roll into town. So I'm high and dry (well, I will not be staying dry) for the rest of the weekend, until Tuesday night! It's a long haul.

Nate's being quiet. I set a starbux mug outside his door on thursday morn. so he'd have a surprise when he stepped out to work. I fear he may have tripped over it and is in the hospital somewhere. C'est la vie. More wine for me.


I'm going to go home. I was supposed to be here (in the lab) four hours today, but it's a long weekend. I'll make up the hours on Sunday.
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All the Percs. [Aug. 20th, 2003|08:40 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |exanimateexanimate]
[music |The Radio Should Die of Shame - Science Victim]

Just a brief entry, as I've been here at the lab for about four hours and must go home and have dinner/breakfast (early morning snack?) before work.
I rescued (I hope) the iguana from a chilly death. Dear little thing. I'm glad I came in today to find him in his unplugged cage and plug it back in.
In two or so hours I'll be at work, finding out what pack I'm working. I nearly passed out this morning. I love that delirious feeling I get as I'm driving home from it all.
Oh, I'm working graveyard at a Starbucks Roasting plant in Kent. Just temporarily while school is out.
I cleaned microscopes this evening (unpaid labor, but the kidney simple cuboidal epithelium is so pretty under 40X, it looks like little daisies. aaaah.)
I slept well today. I had valerian.
Tommorrow I'm going to give P.M. a whirl. It is Tylenol's Simply Sleep - Tylenol P.m. without the tylenol, hence merely p.m.
I am thinking of writing a graphic novel or two.
I went to left-bank books at pike place with nate last saturday and was inspired.
I fear I may turn into elvis.
Where's my crank, I mean coffee?
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Where's my bookstore in Vermont? [Jul. 25th, 2003|04:14 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |wee bit hungover]
[music |The Velvet Teen - "Death" (it has a pretty tune)]

I am forging a path through cement right now, a tunnel that cannot be deconstructed, and it could be very, very good, or very, very bad. I think I need to plan an exit strategy.
Greek food sounds good right now. Greek food, a movie, and to wash some laundry.
I don't think I like the lack of privacy in my apartment. It doesn't gel well with my already persistent paranoia. Ah! I could get curtains! The blinds aren't good. Collie gets her paws stuck in them, and they bend. I'll get curtains. And a new shower head. And a nice spoon to cook with, and a ladle.

My poem was beat down in class yesterday. I knew I had it coming. I knew it was all coming.

"The last four lines would be more at home in a nursery rhyme than a serious poem." please....

The very nice security guard here is going to bring me a picture to color. Coloring is so soothing.
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Oly and Matt: Attention! [Jul. 3rd, 2003|05:33 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
It would be lovely if you two could visit...Saturday is the plan? Olivia, please call me with your estimated time/day of arrival. Thank you! I'm planning to go to a swanky party tommorrow. If you two would like to come early and go to that, too, that is cool. I'll be out most of this evening (appointments, schmoozing, blah blah), but if you could leave me a message, that would rocknroll. We'll be in touch. Do I sound like a hollywood agent? ha.

I don't have much to say on my end. Well, actually, too much for this space. I had a very cathartic weekend last weekend. Oly, I can't wait to tell you all about it...strange coincidences and a moment of fear for my welfare in the company of a stranger. It's the stuff of MOVIES!

okay, bye.
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my matches - let's light these babies up, yo! [Jun. 21st, 2003|02:42 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
Okay, so here is what my lj matcher sayz.

How compatible are you with your LJ friends?
detonator 102%

tarod208 102%

bloodyvee 100%

ciole 98%

detectiveni 84%

I cannot do the thing with the nice graphics that shows the lovely colored bar graph. I didn't know you could go above 100. I'm wondering how facetiously I answered my questions now....
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being as I don't have more important things to contemplate... [Feb. 13th, 2003|08:02 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |avenging]
[music |Good Job Honey "Drunk Ballerinas"]

I'll add a mood and a song
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wolves clothed as sheep [Feb. 13th, 2003|07:58 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
I had a dream last night that I will not recount for it had two people in it that may or may not read this, but I think it is premonitional, and I just cannot wait to see it unfold. unfolding sheep.

I had my interview, and I'm hoping it yields fruit. Tantalus is constantly reaching for fruit that hovers just above his reach.

Tommorrow is Friday. I think I'm going to go out this weekend and not return.
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if you can dig it, then the help ain't short [Jan. 25th, 2003|09:40 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
I've placed some touches on my job app. It is looking hot. so darn hot it turns me on. I hope I get the job. I need a new scene.

On the horizon I see the following. This is my hope:

Vintage apartment for only 490 a month. No one else wants it. It has sat vacant on a corner of sixth ave in tacoma since I first laid eyes on it's scarce beauty in november.

New job.

Keep in contact with old friends. enjoy a drink now and then. Sorry....couldn't refuse the Radiohead verbage. But I just sent an e-mail to an old high school mate. This may position me with whole old hs crew. It is good to keep in touch with yr past.

new job.

Olivia, you asked me today what I project to be my fondest memory in 2003. I take back what I said, for I am a bit too weary of it. And I think it would be setting myself up for the miseries of disappointment to expect the true love thing to drop in on my life this year. Instead, I'm going to go for something more tangible and perhaps realistic--time spent with good friends. I got a good start with your visit this weekend. Thank you! And I plan to invest more time with many others like you this year. It is such a clean joy that is gleaned in the presence of good company.

Risk was fun. I need to focus on better strategy, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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these days... [Jan. 23rd, 2003|09:20 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |thirstythirsty]
[music |The Velvet Teen, "Red, Like Roses."]

It is Thursday evening, and I am on a laptop computer in my livingroom, and it is somewhat strange to be writing this entry in the comfort of my own home, somewhat uncomfortable, in fact. As though I am too much in my own element to say any words. Thus, I have little to say. Olivia has been here since Tuesday night, and I wish she would JUST GO HOME! just joking. She has been a blessing, a gem, a ray of light in this dark corner of the planet. My cats may say otherwise, but I think they are warming up to the idea of her being here. Just like when people begin to realize they're getting happy with a situation, it falls out from under their feet. Or maybe that is just me. We went to an antique store today. Oly picked up a snazzy brown shirt...I purchased patent blue shoes.
I'm pleased as punch yet beside myself at the rapid passage of time.
Things are strange.
I think the world is just turning though.
turning away with the time that carries us forth into cruel new realities.
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more [Jan. 13th, 2003|08:33 pm]
Lori Peterson (or Joe)
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |coldplay "We Never Change"]

I have two job applications for positions in the realm of education in Tacoma. I'm a bit excited about them. But I'm frightened about getting my hopes up.
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